Vision & Strategy Creation

Strategic Vision Guides the Future

A powerful vision expresses an organization’s “big dream” of how it will help make a meaningful difference in the world. It acts like a north star, guiding an organization’s operations, motivating its employees’ everyday actions, and inspiring its stakeholders who just can’t help but say, “I want to be a part of that.”

But organizational transformation doesn’t come from vision alone. Great vision must be paired with a great strategy. Think of it this way: if your vision is the destination, a strategic plan is the GPS system that gets you there. Just as your vehicle’s GPS reroutes you around heavy traffic, accidents, and toll routes, your corporate strategies must be flexible and adaptive to changing conditions. In today’s business landscape, volatility and disruption are to be expected en route. Leaders must set the course and develop post-pandemic strategies that are flexible and iterative, if they want to arrive at their destination.

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Turning Vision into Action

Great strategies can’t survive on a shelf. They should provide a unified focus on the most important priorities for leaders, board members, management, employees, and other key stakeholders that guide decisions and translate into action. If employees don’t know how a strategy impacts their day-to-day activities, it has lost its usefulness. When done well, a corporate strategy should help stakeholders:
  • Be inspired on about the WHY
  • Have clear direction on the HOW
  • Know WHAT priorities, key activities, and performance indicators are critical for success

New Vantage can help you create an enterprise strategy plan and also align, revitalize, or create additional strategies, as required, to ensure your organization is poised for success. In order to create a great strategy, we help you answer these key questions:

  • Purpose – What is your ambition?
  • Value Proposition – What makes your offering compelling and unique?
  • Market Presence – Where is your market focus?
  • Key Activities – How will you win?
  • Core Capabilities – What must you excel at?
  • Success Indicators – What does success look like?

Do you know the answers to these questions? Does your team? Are they clear on the organization’s focus? Are they inspired? Do your people believe you have what it takes to get there? What about your customers? Do they understand the full picture of what you offer and stand for? And if not, how can you get everyone onboard?

With an actionable enterprise strategy in place, you can turn your attention to the supporting strategies that fuel your organization’s growth:

  • Talent and culture strategies
  • Business unit strategies
  • Functional team strategies
  • Operational planning strategies
  • Brand, marketing and sales strategies
  • Innovation strategies

New Vantage “Courage to Lead”

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Create Strategy and Strategic Leaders

Turning your vision into action can be an exciting process. It can meaningfully engage stakeholders, breathe new life into your organization, deepen customer alignment, and energize employees. Or, it can create confusion, churn, and lost opportunities. The process is as important as the output.

New Vantage employs a proven, broad-based participative process that engages leaders from across an organization, unlocks their knowledge, and pairs their insights with an objective landscape analysis. Rather than adding noise and conflict to the strategic planning process, these talent-focused touchpoints unearth rich, otherwise unknowable data points and insights, and equip your leaders with increased strategic capabilities.

Our approach embeds learning into every stage of the process, which results in:

  • A corporate strategy that becomes a living, breathing plan
  • Leaders who become strategists
  • An organization that becomes responsive, resilient, and agile

The New Vantage Advantage

Your next planning cycle is a significant opportunity to invest in a strategic plan that engages your team, increases the strategic capabilities of your leaders, and inspires all stakeholders to work toward your vision.

We partner with visionary leaders in organizations of all sizes and sectors. If you need a strategic plan that accelerates performance, boosts engagement, and encourages innovation and a roadmap that transforms your vision into action and your leaders into strategists, we can help. Together, we will design and facilitate a planning process that fits the context and culture of your organization.

Whether you’re in need of a long-range vision, strategic plan, or alignment across your corporate strategies, we have the process, tools, and expertise to ensure your success.

Clarify your vision. Turn your vision into action. Contact us to learn more.

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“New Vantage is our go-to strategy partner to help us shape our future as an energy solutions company. With their help, we have sharpened our strategic priorities and grown in our strategic capabilities as an executive team. As a result of working together, we are poised and ready for new growth.”
Bryan Elliot, CEO
Consolidated Energy Solutions
“New Vantage has been instrumental in helping us bring together global stakeholders to create a breakthrough marketing strategic plan. I valued their framing of the problem to solve, the goal to achieve, stakeholder experience throughout the process, and our leadership attributes required to achieve success. It was a pleasure to work with New Vantage”
Jim Goddard
Global Head of Child Sponsorship Marketing, World Vision International