We exist to enliven the purpose and accelerate the performance of companies, nonprofits, NGOs, government organizations, and academic institutions. We do this by partnering with executive leaders to create and implement corporate, leadership, and culture strategies that unlock the potential of organizations, improve engagement, and inspire the achievement of tangible business results.

Our clients look to us for integrated solutions that bring about business transformation. Most commonly, that involves:

  • Creating or renewing vision and strategy
  • Evolving the culture to support the vision and strategy
  • Supporting change leadership
  • Addressing leadership and management capability gaps
  • Accelerating the development of next generation leaders
  • Bringing the purpose and working styles of teams and leaders into alignment
  • Addressing underlying issues related to employee engagement or conflict
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Strategy, Leadership, Culture Diagram

A New Vantage Point

New Vantage has expertise developed through decades of experience in three vital and inter-related areas:

These three areas mutually influence, reinforce, build momentum, and drive change within your organization. Or they don’t. The interdependencies of your strategy, leadership, and culture mean that when one area is out of alignment, it may keep you from making the traction or transformation you desire.

You can engage New Vantage in one of these service areas or to create a plan a transformational plan that addresses all three.

Finding the Right Fit

We work best with client partners who have the courage to make bold decisions and are committed to doing the right thing, no matter what. We are energized by leaders who have a transformational agenda. We believe in having a calling. If you are this kind of leader, know that our calling is to roll up our sleeves, providing the additional horsepower you need to bring about the change you seek.

We are ready to help when you are ready to move ahead.

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“Over the past decade, New Vantage has been a highly valued partner at World Vision, both in Canada and across our international partnership. In addition to helping us shape corporate, marketing and international development strategies, Marv and team have helped us strengthen a trusted leadership culture among our senior leaders and Board of Directors. He continues to be a trusted voice of wisdom for me and the organization.”
Michael Messenger, CEO
World Vision Canada