About New Vantage

New Vantage designs and delivers leadership and culture strategies that unlock the potential of organizations, improve engagement, and inspire the achievement of tangible business results.

But we do more than that. We work alongside courageous leaders, applying decades of specialized experience in strategy, leadership, and culture-building to help transformation happen. We have the right skills, the right people, and methodologies that work.

We are more than consultants. We feel called to help create a better world, one workplace at a time. If you’re looking for someone who will listen, understand, engage, teach, hold you accountable, and work with you side-by-side to create the path for positive change – you’re looking for us.

What We Believe


We believe that most of the knowledge an organization requires to move forward already resides within its people. That knowledge just needs to be (re)discovered and harnessed so that it can be applied to the challenges and opportunities at hand.


We believe that great leaders understand they ultimately exist to serve others. In doing so, they demonstrate commitment to people and receive true authority as a sacred trust from their followers.


We believe that, increasingly, people want to purchase products and services from businesses that share their values. A great organization understands that its purpose must go beyond profit and be linked to a transcendent purpose with which employees and consumers align.


We believe that trust is the bedrock of an organization and it enables innovation and healthy risk-taking. We believe that trust is cultivated when leaders empower employees to fulfill their own potential as they serve the mission of the organization.


We believe that meaningful organizational change begins within the hearts of leaders and ultimately takes root when the desired transformation is lived out and modeled for others. Over time this creates a culture that is resilient and adaptable.

Meet The Team

New Vantage is fueled by a team of deeply experienced, deeply caring individuals who have specialized expertise in strategy, leadership, and culture. We have worked in and with organizations like yours and have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals, transform their culture, and equip leaders with the skills and mindsets needed to succeed.