Leadership Catalyst

Leadership Catalyst Program Choices

Leadership Catalyst™ is an online or hybrid program designed to help senior and middle managers lead efforts to increase business agility and change. Businesses are increasingly adopting more agile business practices so they can increase efficiencies, time to market, and responsiveness to customer needs. These practices lead to faster product development processes, better ways of collaborating and teaming together and happier, more engaged teams.

But success depends on leaders creating the right environment and having the right mindsets. This program helps leaders make the following mindset shifts:

Mindsets Targeted Diagram

In this program, leaders will learn how to:

  • Effectively manage fast-moving dynamic teams
  • Strengthen trusted working relationships
  • Help teams collaborate more effectively
  • Build shared agreements across the business
  • Foster a discovery mindset team culture
  • Create healthy team autonomy

Choose from a package of modules:

  • 2 hours each
  • Cohorts of 10 or less
  • Functional or cross-functional teams
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Coaching can be added

Topics include:

  • A Vision to Catalyze Change
  • Equipping for Teaming
  • Creating a Climate of High Trust
  • Collaboration and Shared Ownership
  • Developing Shared Agreements
  • Leading into the Future
  • Creating Healthy Team Autonomy
  • Serving the Greater Good

This Leadership program offered by New Vantage has successfully impacted organizations over the last decade:

  • 90%+ rate the learning as highly valuable for professional and personal growth
  • Demonstrable ROI related to financial and business impact
  • 10% bump in employee engagement scores of participants compared to all employees
  • Excellence Canada endorses as best practice
  • Led to innovation program affiliated with Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government
  • 24% increase in leadership trust scores
  • Deemed significant for employee mental wellness by CMHA

We offer an award-winning design that creates trust among peers in each cohort.
The design principles that make this work are listed below:

Trust among peers diagram

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