High Performing Leadership

Leadership for this Moment

To be successful today, a leader must navigate ongoing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. They are expected to think strategically, execute consistently, and manage ever-changing priorities. They must act as player-coaches who can see, hear, understand, and adapt to the changing needs of their teams.

Leaders need to respond to a whole host of new challenges while grappling with the demands they already face. How prepared are the leaders in your organization to:

  • Respond to the demands of executing in a fast-changing business context?
  • Empower teams to take ownership of business decisions?
  • Identify and pursue emerging opportunities?
  • Lead high performance teams in work-from-home or hybrid workplaces?
  • Support their teams’ mental wellness?
  • Collaborate effectively across the business?

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How to Increase Leadership Effectiveness

High performing leaders are at the core of your organization’s ability to succeed. They put strategy into action by creating the conditions for the workforce to successfully contribute toward the business objectives. This requires effective management practices that lead to empowered employees, and ultimately, a high-performance culture.

In order to equip leaders to succeed, they must have the tools, mindsets, and support to be adaptive people-managers, culture-builders, and strategic thinkers.

It is becoming evident that traditional leadership training programs (even online versions) are not adequate to equip leaders. Imagine setting a fitness goal for the year, going to the gym two days in a row, and then expecting a radical physical transformation. No one would be surprised that this approach didn’t work. No consistency, no feedback, no growth, no support – no long-term impact.

The same is true for leadership development. Traditional approaches that lean heavily on transactional classroom training and lack opportunities for applied learning and follow up are often just not up to the task. Dynamic learning experiences are needed that include coaching, a network of peers learning together, and real-time feedback.

Transformational Leadership Development

Transformational leadership development – the kind of equipping that results in high performing leaders – has a catalytic quality missing in typical classroom training. This comes from the combination of reflection on lived leadership experience, the power of peer learning relationships, and the influence of expert leadership content.

This mirrors the 70:20:10 adult learning principle: 70% is learned on the job, 20% from peers, and only 10% from formal learning. The best leadership development programs bring these together and deliver on-the-job, social, and formal learning experiences.

This looks like:

  • Engaging content – the best in global thought leadership addressing the most critical areas of learning
  • Trusted relationships – a psychologically safe learning environment that strengthens peer relationships and accountability
  • Business application – a focus on applying this learning in the real life challenges that await a leader in their daily role

Transactional training will not help you succeed in the post-pandemic economy. You need a proven, effective and well-designed transformational leadership development program for how today’s leaders learn.

Leadership Catalyst

Leadership Catalyst helps senior and middle managers increase business agility and successfully implement change through the development of mindset shifts and peer support networks.

Our customizable Leadership Circles methodology is proven to work with built-in accountability, relationship building, and action-oriented learning that is immediately applicable on the job.

Learn why organizations have increased leadership trust scores by 24% through Leadership Catalyst.

Online Delivery
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How We Can Help

New Vantage has designed and delivered innovative, award-winning transformational leadership programs for over a decade. Over 90%+ of leaders in our programs rate the learning as highly valuable for professional and personal growth.

Our leadership programs have resulted in:

  • Proven financial return on investment
  • 10% bump in employee engagement scores 
  • 24% increase in leadership trust scores 
  • The development of an innovation program affiliated with Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government

Our programs have been designed for both online and in-person delivery and are endorsed as a best practice by Excellence Canada.

Find out more about our Leadership Catalyst and Inspired Leadership programs including a no-risk complementary session with your team.

The future is here. Give your leaders what they need to meet these new challenges head on. Contact us to learn more.

“New Vantage brings a powerful approach to leadership development that catapults positive personal and professional growth. It benefits both the person and their workplace contributions that can be measured in renewed engagement and tangible business results.
When you create an open, trusting environment where real dialogue can and does take place, you create the opportunity for quantum positive growth in the personal lives and professional lives of our friends, our families, and our co-workers, and that is the essence of Leadership Circles.”
Milton Siegele
Senior Railway Executive (formerly with BNSF Railway)
“The Agile Center of Excellence at BMO Financial Group has partnered with Marv and New Vantage on the Leadership Catalyst program. We know bringing mindset changes to leaders in a complex environment is challenging but these shifts are critical to supporting our leadership. With Marv’s expertise and the ability for us to customize and collaborate closely on content and outcomes, we have seen a strong, positive impact. We are looking forward to expanding the program into the future.”
David Van Rees
BMO Enterprise Agile COE