Governmental Organizations

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Helping Your Vision Take Shape

At the heart of governmental organizations are dedicated employees committed to serving the good of our communities and society. We have successfully walked alongside executives of government organizations to create strong, supportive, and innovative cultures. Our involvement has helped a government organization achieve the Governor General’s Order of Excellence, the highest national award for organizational excellence, along with a social innovation partnership with Harvard University.

We understand how political cycles can shape priorities and budgets, and that timing is critical in making change. The dynamics at play in a governmental organization are unique, including navigating management-union relationships and the changing needs of the constituents that you serve.

Bridging the Gap

To achieve your innovation goals, you need:

  • A partner with the wisdom and experience to help lead change, as you navigate political and organizational realities
  • Proven leadership and culture-building programs designed for government organizations
  • A way to bring alignment and synergy among leaders and departments across your organization

Imagine if:

  • You could accelerate the innovation of government services to serve your stakeholders, especially in a post-pandemic context
  • Your organization’s culture would be healthy and strong, attracting and retaining next generation leadership
  • Your employees’ were engaged, inspired, and feeling aligned and motivated to achieve your strategy
  • The constituents you serve expressed satisfaction for your ability to respond to their changing needs with smart, strategic services and processes

This future is closer than you might think.

This is what we do. Our decades of specialized experience in strategy, leadership, and culture-building have helped government organizations reach their goals, transform their culture, and equip their leaders with the skills and mindsets needed to succeed. We have the right skills – if we say we can, it’s in our wheelhouse, the right people – you won’t get stuck with a junior team, and methodologies that work – this is not an experimental practice.

Can we help you take the next step?

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